Pedodontics is department which aims to solve problem originating from tooth decay, trauma, genetic and other factor in 0-14 years old child. The aim is to protect healthy this tooth.

Fissure sealant

What is the fissure sealant?

Grinder stated in both upper and lower jaw have backlash and tooth socket so, fissure sealant is used to covered this tooth by using filling materials.

What is the aim of fissure sealant?

To prevent residue in backlash and socket on grinder surface stated in upper and lower jaw. To brushing easily and minimize possibility of decay.

Which tooth fissure sealant can use?

Fissure sealant can use for grinder which stated in upper and lower jaw by paediatric dentistry.

What happens if fissure sealant is fall?

If fissure sealant fall in time, the treatment is easily reproduced.

Is the fissure sealant repeatable treatment?

It is not repeatable treatment. It has been done to grinder only one time. However if there are any deficiency it can be completed thanks to controls.

Is any side effect or damage for tooth?

Actually it has any side effect and damage.

Is the fissure sealant or fluorine more important?

Fissure sealant and fluorine is different treatment way from each other. However both of them are antifouling complementary, supportive treatment way for each other. So, it is difficult to compare them.

Is the fissure sealant expensive?

It can be said that fissure sealant is cheaper than other filling way. Without having a tooth filled you can get rid of decay thanks to fissure sealant.

Is the fissure sealant easy treatment?

It can be completed only 4 minutes if dentist and child get along well with each other. The process is very easy.

What happens if fissure sealant isn’t done?

If it is not done, child’s grinder tooth can’t be protecting from decay. So, most important tooth our mouth, grinder has more decay risk.

Fluorine Treatment

What is the aim of fluorine treatment?

By strengthen with fluorine the base of tooth enamels and so, it resistant tooth against to decay.

Which tooth is treating with fluorine?

Fluorine get treatment can use all teeth’s surface.

Is fluorine getting chemical? Is there any side effect?

There is any side effect if the treatment is done correctly.

How is the fluorine treatment?

Fluorine preparation which sterilized tooth surface from saliva is used special toothbrush.

How much the fluorine gets treatment affection time?

It is average 6 month however it is changeable according to child’s risk rate of decay. The treatment can use every three months depending upon risk of decay.

How much will the treatment take?

It will take average 2 minutes.

What is the significant factor after the treatment?

You can’t eat or drink at least 1 hour.

What happen if we don’t fluorine treatment?

Risk of decay your tooth is increase.


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