Endodontics is the part of the dentistry branch that deals with problems advanced to the nerve (pulp) in the tooth. Endodontic treatment is the process of shaping and filling the canal, which is known as canal treatment, from the site of the dental nerve (pulpin).

Why do I need root canal treatment?

Canal root treatment is required if there is an infection or permanent damage in the dental nerve (pulp). Untreated bruises can cause a tooth (pulp) infection. Antibiotics are not effective in obtaining the results for these infections that occur inside the tooth. This infection causes inflammation, and inflammation also prevents blood from reaching the tooth. Thanks to this inhibition, it is difficult for antibiotics to reach the infection by blood circulation. As long as the blood has difficulty reaching the pulp, it will also be difficult for the pulp to heal itself.

Although there is no infection in most cases, the pulp can heal after inflammation and return to normal. Pulp also can cause inflammation and infection in pain. If the pulp is also infected, an abscess can form and an infection in the bone surrounding the tooth can also be caused. (The x-ray of the tooth is detected before the channel is treated, whether or not such inflammation is present).

The aim of root canal treatment; recovering the tooth by removing the infected or damaged pulp. It is also filling empty channels with a special filling material and treating the inflammation.

A damaged or infected tooth that has not been applied canal treatment becomes an infection center for the body

Canal treatment does not mean that the tooth will not be removed a few years later.

Canal treatment is usually done because the decay is spreading deep and wide. For this reason, the tooth falls into a weak state. Tooth can be used for a long time when dental closure is applied after canal treatment.

What is root resection?

Root resection is the process of taking a root of very rooted teeth, similar to the teeth of the upper molars, which have three roots. The kuron supported by the tooth root may also need to be taken in some cases. Before this procedure, it is necessary to treat the canal.


The process of removing a part of the pulp which is the nerve and vein pack in the middle of the tooth is called vital pulpotomy. It is usually applied in children. If the permanent tooth is exposed to bruising or injury shortly afterwards, canal treatment is required. Only canal treatment can be done until the development of tooth root is completed. In this case, it can also be applied to the milk teeth.


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