Dental Implants

What Is The Dental Implant?

Implant is a screw system which is used in necessary situation for patient’s missing tooth to make dentures. The screw includes titanium light, strong, resistant against to corrosion, which is greyish transition metal. These implants have as the same function as tooth root because of implanted in jawbone. It is possible having implanted without touching the other tooth if there are one missing tooth. Missing teeth can complete if patients have more than one missing tooth besides not only removable denture but also fixed denture can used. Using denture for patients, who have any tooth, is of no use especially using it on the jawbone. Removable dentures remain stable via implants.

What is the dental implants treatment process?

Implant treatment process take more time than classic therapy. Titanium, became integrated with bone after 2,5-3 month. However this treatment if take action on jawbone are sinus, it approximately 9 month. After the expected time, obtained results are absolutely satisfactory and durable for patients.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Toothless patients’ dentures lose conformity after for years because of continuing alteration of bone. So, this denture starts to remove. There must be fixed base, if dentures are done over the implants. Thus, it is not act inside your mouth. This way is the best for patients who don’t want to removable denture.

How is the dental implant operation?

To place implant the region is anesthetized with small surgical intervention so patients can’t feel discomfort in this region their mouth. Before the operation, magisterial is provided and after the operation, patients use antiseptic mouthwash. With a good oral health care, the healing process is speed up.

After dental implant, have I a pain and swelling face?

In cheeks have a mild swell or face colour can change a little bit. To inhibit this situation, in first 24 hour, acute pain and enema is fast decrease thanks to cold bumper.

Is placing unseaming dental implant possible?

Unseaming dental implant; after single tooth extraction without laceration, implant can place at the same session.

Have the dental implants any damages to get implant?

Implants produced from titanium; light, strong resistant against to corrosion, which is a greyish transition metal. This metal has extremely good biocompatibility for human body, also has anti-allergic and non-toxic feature. The other important factors to integration between bone and implants are brands of the dental implants, sterilization of place, and dentist’s speciality in implant treatment.

How much will dental implant process and completion period take?

After a specific time, implants integration with bone. It takes almost 90 days for upper jaw, and almost 60 days for lower jaw. In addition to this, expected recovery period almost takes 6 or 9 month for delicate and weak bones.

Are dental implants durable?

Your natural tooth life and dental tooth life has equal time. As long as doing good mouth and tooth care, you can use it for a long time.

I don’t want wait for 2 or 3 month, using implant with my denture is possible?

Actually yes, just after the operation, it is possible to use easily thanks to adaptation with removable denture and implant.

Is dental implant treatment suit me?

The treatment might be inconvenient if patient receive chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment recently. However the illness under the control there are any problem. If patient’s bone existence is inadequate, dentist firstly create bone structure with additional process. After this process implant is placed.

Is placing dental implant possible for smokers?

According to researches and studies, implant integration with bone is more difficult if patient is smoker.

Mini Dental Implants

What Is The Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants have the same structure as regular implants but smaller in form. Mini dental implants’ diameter is average 2 -2,8 mm.

Advantages of mini dental implants

  • It is economic.
  • It is a simple, easy and quick treatment without laceration to gingival.
  • Treatment can easily use for elders who have systematic illness.
  • Patient’s denture place over the implant at the same session.
  • After implant the treatment, swelling, pain and bleeding is out of question.

When mini dental implant is used?

Mini dental implant is used when dentures lost its holding power and capacity.

Can everybody use mini dental implant?

Yes, everybody can easily use. Kardia, hypertension and diabetes patient and especially aging patients can unproblematic use mini dental implant.

In which situation mini dental implant is creating problem?

  • If there is cardiac insufficiency
  • If upper jaw measure less than 13 mm, and lower jaw measure less than 10 mm, the treatment can’t use

3D Chin and Tooth Tomography

What is the 3D Chin and Tooth Tomography?

It is a system that is shows your tooth’s interior constitution and surrounding tissue by using 3D Chin and Tooth Tomography on the multiple projections. Patient is exposed to less radiation with 3D tomography. Treatment planning is more truly done.

In which situation 3D Chin and Tooth Tomography is used?

It is used when 3D evaluation is necessary to observe bone structure to place implant and dentition of impacted 20 age tooth. Thanks to this tomography, colloid, fat, liquid, semi liquid materials inside of chin can easily observe and this way other illnesses conspiratorially is treated. Pathological tissues’ verge comprehensively determines.

What is the radiation rate of 3D Chin and Tooth Tomography? Is it harmful for patient?

It is scan only upper and lower jaw differently from big Rontgen which is scan both jaw. 3D Chin and Tooth Tomography is give of normal rate radiation. There is small tomography which is scan only one area in your mouth. Releasing radiation rate decrease thanks to this tomography.

Jawbone Graft

What is the jawbone graft?

Jawbone graft is obtained diversely way. There are human related and animal related also there are synthetic product.

In which cases the jawbone graft is used?

If bone existence is sufficient for placing dental implant, jawbone graft is used b transferring other part of body.


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