Firsts are important milestones in our lives and experiencing these firsts creates indelible marks in the memories of everybody.

We believe that we broke new ground in Kocaeli in August 2006 and placed a milestone both in our lives and in the field of health investments in our city.


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The most important detail in Private Kartepe Oral and Dental Health Center is the facilities prepared for people with physical and mental disabilities. Our physical conditions are considered in detail for these patient groups. The difficulties experienced in the treatment of people with mental and spastic disabilities are overcome with interventions under General Anesthesia. Our center is the first institution in our city to perform this practice in the field of private dentistry. In our operating room, difficult tooth extractions (impacted tooth, etc.) and processes requiring general anesthesia such as traumas are also performed as well as treatments of these patients.


Considering the fact that the best thing to do on this issue is the employment of a pediatric dentist (Pedodontist), we have also established an environment that our children can easily prefer. Children who will relieve their stress in the playground will grab a chance to have a healthy teeth structure in their future life with the education and treatment approaches of our Pedodontist.